Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Beginnings

My life is in a state of flux.  For instance, I turned 21 today.  I also might get a new job, new house, and new life within a few weeks.  And then there's the annual celebrations of the birth of Christ and beginning of a New Year that always seem to brighten the mood.

This blog is in the middle of a fairly long (and admittedly dry) series of notes on epistemology -- treating ideas of evidence, proof, logic, judgment, and most recently certainty.  Once that series is over, I want to turn towards more theological (rather than philosophical) topics.  There are so many possibilities weighing on my mind, however, I've decided to put the choice to the few who read my blog and my Facebook notes.

A few potential topics for a note or series of notes:

1) Medieval cosmology

You may have wondered why I describe myself as a "Protestant Medievalist."  The insights of medieval theology were vital to my spiritual rejuvenation in the summer of 2007, and have remained a key driving force in my spiritual life since that time.

Related topics: joy, sorrow, contemplative life, love, human nature, relationships, peace, self-sacrifice, prophecy, enlightenment, general and special revelation, mythology, paganism, glorification

2) Catholic dogma

I am a Protestant. Being well aware of the many spiritual dangers and pitfalls to which Protestants are susceptible, I recognize Catholicism as a fully legitimate branch of Christianity, albeit one subject to different dangers and pitfalls than those arising from my own background.  I want to explore the insights that I as a Protestant might glean from their theology, especially in areas of Catholic dogma that I don't easily relate to.

Related topics: canonization, communion of the saints, glorification, papal infallibility, authority, tradition, prophecy, Mary (mother of Christ), Church life, fellowship, transubstantiation, sacraments

3) Spiritual gifts

Quite a few years ago my church suffered a split over the very issue of spiritual gifts, and the emphasis that ought to be placed on them. As many of you are no doubt aware, contentious and difficult issues seem to have a particularly strong pull on me.  I was apathetic at the time, but now I have an approach to the issue, and also have a few experiences that may be worth sharing.

Related topics: prayer, leadership, teaching, healing, discernment, prophecy, evangelism, apologetics, tongues, miracles, Holy Spirit,

4) Spiritual warfare

I am profoundly uncomfortable with the subject of spiritual warfare, and I think that is just how it ought to be. I think that we ought to educate ourselves, but keep our focus on the worthy things ("Whatever is noble, whatever is pure...")  I've had some past experiences that may be worth sharing.

Related topics: Holy Spirit, angels, demons, prayer, love, courage, Armor of God

5) Doctrine of freedom

Galatians is one of my favorite books of the Bible, and also one of the more challenging. The doctrine of freedom it presents is one of the more compelling and intriguing aspects of Christian theology.

Related topics: Holy Spirit, discernment, prayer, Church life, virtues, purification, glorification

6) Predestination

I grew up firmly entrenched in a mentality of "free will."  However, I know many devoted Christians who believe in predestination or election, and many other devout Christians who have no idea what to think. I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon thinkers and thoughts who provide answers to crucial aspects of this issue, and am quite comfortable with my answer for the rest.

Related issues: free will, sovereignty of God, divine foreknowledge, divine election, Presence of God, divine creation, love, goodness, evil, heaven, hell

7) Other topics

I view this blog as a ministry, an outreach to those who try to follow Christ's command to love the Lord thy God with all your mind. If you struggle with a particularly thorny, knotty, or in some way challenging question of theology, let me know and I might be able to open up a conversational thread.

God bless you all!

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